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Warrior and Lord

Keeper of Rivendell

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Elrond , called many things, was one of the last leaders of Elves on Middle Earth...

Born in the waning days of the First Age, Elrond had a twin brother named Elros. Born to Earendil the Mariner, a Half-Elf, and Elwing a Half Elf, who was grand-daughter as the humans call it, to Luthien. Thus Elrond was called Half-Elven most of his life, descended of both Men and Elves.

Captured by the darkness at an early age, Elrond learned both respect and hate for it. He little admitted such things however, all his long years. During the time of his capture, his parents despaired but fought in the war at the end of the First Age, nonetheless.

The Vala Manwe decreed that Earendil and Elwing, as well as Elrond and Elros and their descendants, should have the choice whether to be counted among Elves or Men.

Earendil and Elwing chose to be counted among the Elves, and they remained in the Undying Lands.

Elros chose the fate of Men and was thus mortal. He became the first King of Numenor, and from him were descended the Kings of Numenor and of Gondor and Arnor, including Aragorn, King Elessar. Elros lived 500 years and died in the year 442 of the Second Age.

Elrond chose the fate of the Elves. He was immortal and could choose to sail across the Sea to the Undying Lands, but Elrond decided to remain in Middle-earth with the High King Gil-galad.

Wars came and went and Elrond forged Rivendell, the refuge, for Elves to stand at against all who came. Down through the ages, long years did Elrond live, and unto him were born two sons and a daughter. His brother's descendant, Aragorn, came to live in Rivendell and was raised as a chosen one there, and between Arwen and Aragorn, love bloomed. Elrond did not approve, but knew his daughter would not budge, despite his own words with her. Elrond had come to love Aragorn like his own son, and so he was, if not pleased that she made the choice at all, not ill-pleased at her choice.

Most of his life, Elrond sought to preserve all the wisdom of ages past. He gathered, and even wrote, tomes of knowledge and wisdom in Rivendell.

One of his greatest sorrows was his wife choosing to pass away into the West. He felt constrained and could not pass after her, for his time was not yet come and there was still much to be done. Though he oft felt scorn for what Men had become, he also felt the long ago created call of his brother, who had chosen that path, and so also had a kind of love for Men as well. And so he remained in Middle Earth.

After the Lastwar, called The War of The Ring, was finally won and Sauron was tossed down and the One Ring destroyed, Elrond saw his daughter choose mortality and saw her wed to Aragorn, who came into his birthright as King of Men. Thus, Elrond felt his duties were done and set about preparing to go into the West and see his wife and parents for the first time in ages.

Elrond had lived in Middle-earth for 6,520 years and the time had come for him depart. Elrond set sail across the Sea to the Undying Lands, but he did not arrive. A door to a cabin was not as it seemed, and Elrond came into Milliways.

Description: Elrond was strong and powerful, and he was also kind-appearing. He seemed ageless and his face was fair, he had dark hair and grey eyes that shone of many colors. He was tall, but not towering. He carries the ring, Vilya, the Ring of Air, which had gone inert after the One Ring was destroyed. Upon his arrival on Milliways, it springs back to life. He also carries a new sword and a bag of gear he was carrying when he crossed into Milliways.

Note: My grasp of foreign language grammar has never beent eh ebst, so most times he will indicate talking in Quenya or Sindarin by a note in the naration and by italics. Teh few timeshe uses the words, if mistakes in gramar are made, apologies are given now, ahead of time.

The Ring: Vilya:

Vilya, Ring of Air


otherways Bio:

As all his kin were, Elrond was offered the choice of paths between Mortal and Immortal. he hesitated, but knowing he was here to learn, he chose mortal. His brother, Elros, feeling forced by his actions to choose Immortal, resented him, and an almost enmity grew between them. When Elrond started the line of Kings, there grew an enmity between the Edhel and men that equaled theirs. The rift made Elrond bitter, as did the coming of Shadow. On this middle Earth is came early and finding a divided world, it struck hard.

The race of men, without allies, without as much strength as they might have had, fell, place by place. Elrond led a guerilla war against the forces of shadow. About three hundred years in, he discovered that the tactics were different, almost Eldar in nature, and when attacking a superior force, he learned why. His brother, Elros, had been turned to Shadow.

This latest blow was almost too much for Elrond and he led his army of men and elves and dwarves into a refuge, calling it by an ancient name from the race of Men, Fortress Amdrasis. The fortress city held for another three hundred years, but when Elrond began to die, his forces began to lose heart. Before it was too late,

he charged his sons to lead their people to a new refuge, a true one, and call it after his dream, a dream called Imladris, and then he gave them his crown and died, bitter, mortal, and feeling futile.


Disclaimer: Elrond is from The Histories of Middle Earth, the Books, not the movie, and is the property of J.R.R. Tolkien. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in milliways_bar and otherways, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.